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The newest way to land your next career

We’ll match your interests and provide resources related to your next career, connect you with your professional community, and find companies that match your preferences.

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Personalized recommendations

Skip those generalized career aptitude tests. We learn from the interests that excite you and suggest careers based on the simple understanding that you’ll excel doing the things you love.

Explore and discover

Explore an ever-growing catalog of trending, unimagined, yet relevant careers. Be amazed by the diverse set of careers while being one-click away from interactive content such as videos.

Career profiles

Get up-to-date information on any of our careers. We open ourselves to the online community to give you real-world perspectives, vetted resources, and access to working professionals.

Career discovery activities

We’re inventing new ways to help you figure out your next career path. We want to inform you of the amazing possibilities out there, while not overwhelming you.

We believe that your career journey should be an educated and exciting process

Throughout our platform, Giraffe will provide you with innovative ways to explore, plan, then apply to your ideal career. We're not here to push you in a certain direction, but to open your world to the possibilities of what you can accomplish.


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